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Balance Board

The Balance Board is a training device used for a lot of purposes nowadays. It was originally produced for skiers and surfers to offer them some kind of practice off season ߦ but quickly spread to all sport areas, martial arts and non-athletic activities as well.

bongo boards wobble boards rocker boards

Bongo Board

An advanced type of balance trainer. Large field of application.

Wobble Board

The most universal tool ߦ for everybody who want to improve his (or her) balance.

Rocker Board

Great  for beginners and seniors ߦ it moves in one direction only so it`s a lot easier.

indo board

Indo Board

Slightly more expensive but very popularand unversal.

I would like to list several other Balance Trainers as well. These are not classical Balance Boards but will offer you great training capabilities as well:

balance discs bosu balance trainer wobble deck

Balance Disc

Simplest, smallest and cheapest of all balance tools.


Inflated dome with hard surface on the bottom ߦ popular training tool.

Wobble Deck

Balance Trainer and a game as well ߦ designed especially for kids.


Balance Boards can be used for a lot of different purposes, for example:

  • improve balance, coordination and core strength
  • to prevent sport injuries (particularly ankle and knee)
  • rehabilitation after some injury
  • to help children with developmental disorders
  • seniors ߦ to avoid injurious falls
  • or simply to entertain yourself 😉

The user stands on some kind of plate which is positioned on a fulcrum to make the Balance Board unstable. The height of the fulcrum varies (the taller it is, the more difficult) as well as it`s shape and material. Sometimes it is attached to the platform, sometimes not.

The goal is to move with the board (slide, wobble, rotate, tilt and so on) and stimulate the act of balancing.

There are also many different Balance Trainers that will help you reach the desired goal ߦ a lot of them use some kind of inflated material to simulate the right effect.

I will do my best to select the highest quality Balance Boards for you.