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Balance Boards for sale

If you are looking for the best balance boards for sale, you have come to the right place. We have selected the most popular available today, nine that can be used by anyone and two more for kids:

Carrom Balance Board

(106 reviews)

Price: ---

A cheaper version of Bongo Board.

ZON Balance Board

(21 reviews)

Price: ---

Very simple and cheap.

Fitterfirst Bongo Board

(143 reviews)

Price: $129.95

Number one on the market now – best rated balance trainer.

GoFit Wobble  Board

(86 reviews)

Price: $49.99

A cheaper alternative of Wobble Board.

Thera-Band Rocker Board

(211 reviews)

Price: $69.80

One of the basic balance training devices, very popular.

J Fit Balance Disc

(213 reviews)

Price: $13.20

Small, simple and cheap balance tool.

Original Indo Board

( reviews)


Slightly more advanced but easy and effective.

Fitter First Wobble Board

(187 reviews)

Price: $89.95

Top Wobble board on the market.

BOSU Balance Trainer


Price: $124.95

Well-known and very popular fitness training device.

For kids:

Alex Monkey Board

(606 reviews)

Price: $20.90

Simple and cheap balancing board for children.

Wobble Deck

(183 reviews)

Price: ---

Balance trainer and a game as well.