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Balance Training Equipment

The Balance Training Equipment comes in many types today – from cheap and simple tools to more advanced devices. All of them will offer you fine capabilities so it`s just a matter of choice which balance equipment you prefer. Let`s take a look at the most popular types:

balance disc bosu balance trainer wobble boards

Balance Discs

Simplest, smallest and cheapest of all balance tools.

BOSU Trainer

Inflated dome with hard surface on the bottom – popular training tool.

Wobble Board

The most universal – for everybody who want to improve his balance.

bongo boards rocker boards wobble deck

Bongo Board

An advanced type of balance trainer. Large field of application.

Rocker Board

Great  for beginners and seniors – it moves in one direction only so it`s a lot easier.

Wobble Deck

Balance Trainer and a game as well – designed especially for kids.

How to use the Balance equipment

All of these devices have been proven to make your stability training effective – and each particular one offers specific training possibilities. So which one is the right for you? It depends mainly on your experience (beginner / advanced), age and preferred type of exercises.

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