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Bongo Board

bongo boardThe Bongo Board is an advanced type of balance training device. The board stands on a cylindrical roller so it offers another degree of instability.

This system takes a variety of exercises to an entirely new level – rolling, push-ups etc. It`s often used by skiers, snowboarders, skaters, surfers, golfers, basketball and football players and others for effective training.

Bongo Boards are designed mainly for advanced users but even beginners will experience a lot of fun.

  • Price:
  • Customer rating: ( reviews)
  • Enhances balance, core strength, stability and coordination
  • Also great for improving your sports performance
  • Dimensions: 30,5" x 8"
  • High quality material – maple plywood and propylene undercarriage

Fitterfirst Bongo Board is the number one on the market now – the roller is separated into two parts that rotate independently which enables even more freedom of rolling. The plate has a classical skateboard shape which is very comfortable. And a removable safety cord is added too (see the video).

If you already have some experience with balance training or want to start with the best tool right away, I would definitely recommend it to you.

Read more or buy the Fitterfirst Bongo Board here

Carrom Balance Board – a cheaper alternative

carrom bongo boardIf you don`t want to spend too much money, there is a cheaper version of Bongo Board – the Carrom. The shape is flat (no skateboard design), wheels do not rotate separately and no safety chord is present – these are the main disadvantages.

I would rather recommend you the Fitterfirst – but if you are short on funds, this one will do it`s job as well.

Learn more or buy the Carrom alternative here