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BOSU Balance Trainer

bosu balance trainerThe Bosu Balance Trainer is a fitness training device which looks like a half of a stability ball – and there lies it`s advantage: You can position it in two different ways and get entirely different possibilities for your training.

When the inflated rubber dome is on top, it offers you a combination of unstable ball on a stable board. And if you position the device upside down, you get a surface that is completely unstable.

One of the biggest advantages is that BOSU ball can be used by anyone – men and women, children, adults or elders, beginners, elite athletes or even injured people during recovery.

  • Price:
  • Customer rating: ( reviews)
  • Great for increasing your muscle strength and balance
  • Supports squats, bicep curls, shoulder raises, crunches, and more
  • 55 cm in diameter
  • Includes foot pump, exercise manual and workout DVD

You can use the BOSU Balance Trainer to perform a wide variety of exercises to strengthen your muscles – push-ups, cardio training, sport-specific moves, abs workout and much more. The included DVD will help you choose the right training 😉

Learn more or buy the Bosu Balance Trainer here

Bosu PRO version

bosu professional balance trainerThis Home version is not intended for commercial use (you will lose the warranty) – if you want to use it as a trainer for example, I would recommend you to buy the Proffesional version of BOSU ball. The advantages are increased durability, dually over-molded platform for extra strength and 1 year commercial warranty.

You can read more or buy the Proffesional version here