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Kids Balance Boards

Looking to give your children some great toy that will also increase their physical abilities and balance skills? We have chosen four best balance boards for kids that will offer them many hours of entertainment without a doubt:

Alex Monkey Balance Board

balance board kidsCustomer rating: ( reviews)


Simple but great

Alex Monkey is a simple and cheap balancing board with.cute monkey graphics. It is perfectly sized for little feet, sturdy and easy to assemble. Can be used indoors and outdoors as well.

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Carrom Bongo Board

carrom bongo boardCustomer rating: ( reviews)


Slightly advanced

Bongo Board is a slightly advanced type of balance training device – the board stands on a cylindrical roller so it offers another degree of instability. This system takes a variety of exercises to an entirely new level.

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Wobble Deck

wobble deckCustomer rating: ( reviews)


Balance trainer and a game as well

Wobble Deck is an electronic balance game designed mainly for kids. You can play the games simply by reacting to various sound and color signals and hitting floor with the right color side – it`s a great fun!

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Wobble Board

wobble boardCustomer rating: ( reviews)


Most universal

Wobble Board is simply a wooden disk with non-slip surface on top and a plastic hemisphere on the bottom. This system enables a wide variety of exercises and can be used by anyone – adults, children, seniors…

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While your kids play and have fun, the balance board helps them build stronger muscles, improve their balancing skills, stability and coordination. Just try it!