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Balance Bikes

Balance bike is a great toy to learn stability before advancing on a classic bike. We have chosen four best balance bikes for kids that will offer many hours of entertainment without a doubt 😉 (more…)

Balance Board Reviews

Here you can find all our balance board reviews – just select the type of product you are interested in: (more…)

Cheap Balance Board

If you are looking for a cheap balance board, you have come to the right place. We have selected three best boards that won`t ruin your budget – here they are, also with a link where you can buy them: (more…)

Indo Board

indo boardThe Indo Board is one of the most popular balance trainers. It consists of 30" long wooden board which stands on a large cylindrical roller.

This offers a great deal of instability which is great for improving your balance and coordination, strengthening muscles and effective training for many sports (for example surfing, skating, skiing, snowboarding and others).

Good news is that Indo Boards can be used by both beginners and advanced users – starting with basic exercising and continue to more difficult tricks and even jumps. The board not attached to the roller so it offers even more flexibility.


Balance Boards for sale

If you are looking for the best balance boards for sale, you have come to the right place. We have selected the most popular available today, nine that can be used by anyone and two more for kids:


Balance Training Equipment

The Balance Training Equipment comes in many types today – from cheap and simple tools to more advanced devices. All of them will offer you fine capabilities so it`s just a matter of choice which balance equipment you prefer. Let`s take a look at the most popular types:


Kids Balance Boards

Looking to give your children some great toy that will also increase their physical abilities and balance skills? We have chosen four best balance boards for kids that will offer them many hours of entertainment without a doubt: (more…)

Bongo Board

bongo boardThe Bongo Board is an advanced type of balance training device. The board stands on a cylindrical roller so it offers another degree of instability.

This system takes a variety of exercises to an entirely new level – rolling, push-ups etc. It`s often used by skiers, snowboarders, skaters, surfers, golfers, basketball and football players and others for effective training.

Bongo Boards are designed mainly for advanced users but even beginners will experience a lot of fun.


Rocker Board

rocker boardThe Rocker Board is the most basic type of balance board – a wooden or plastic plate with a fulcrum on the bottom side.

It is quite similar to a Wobble Board but the difference is that you can perform tilting only about one axis (not in any direction as Wobble).

The reason is obvious – Rocker Boards are intended mainly for beginners and seniors, people who might have difficulties if pursuing some advanced training device right away.


Balance Disc

balance discThe Balance Disc is one of the simplest balance training tools. It`s a simple inflated rubber cushion with low nubs on one side and raised nubs on the other.

The main advantage is that it`s really small (you can take it with you wherever you go) and cheap but still provide good training possibilities.

Balance discs have a dual use: to provide an unstable surface for exercises like push-ups – or – for sitting to give you similar effect as the large exercise ball.


BOSU Balance Trainer

bosu balance trainerThe Bosu Balance Trainer is a fitness training device which looks like a half of a stability ball – and there lies it`s advantage: You can position it in two different ways and get entirely different possibilities for your training.

When the inflated rubber dome is on top, it offers you a combination of unstable ball on a stable board. And if you position the device upside down, you get a surface that is completely unstable.

One of the biggest advantages is that BOSU ball can be used by anyone – men and women, children, adults or elders, beginners, elite athletes or even injured people during recovery.


Wobble Deck

wobble deckThe Wobble Deck is an electronic balance game designed mainly for children. Kids can select one of the three multi-level games (Memory Match, Speed Play and Freestyle) and improve their balance, reflexes, memory and coordination.

You can play the games simply by reacting to various sound and color signals and hitting floor with the right color side – so it also helps the kids to improve their color and sound recognition. And most importantly – it`s a great fun! Your children will love it 😉

And I must say the Wobble Deck balance board is very sturdy so adults can play as well. Challenge your friend to a wobble duel!


Wobble Board

wobble boardThe Wobble Board is a training equipment for improving balance, coordination, core strength and stability. It is simply a wooden disk with non-slip surface on top (where you stand) and a plastic hemisphere on the bottom (where it touches the ground).

This system enables a wide variety of exercises – from simple moving from side to side without touching the ground with the other sides to push-ups, sit-ups or standing on one leg.

Great news is that Wobble Boards can be used by anyone – adults, children, seniors, no matter if you are a beginner or professional athlete. Everyone can enjoy it.