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Rocker Board

rocker boardThe Rocker Board is the most basic type of balance board – a wooden or plastic plate with a fulcrum on the bottom side.

It is quite similar to a Wobble Board but the difference is that you can perform tilting only about one axis (not in any direction as Wobble).

The reason is obvious – Rocker Boards are intended mainly for beginners and seniors, people who might have difficulties if pursuing some advanced training device right away.

  • Price:
  • Customer rating: ( reviews)
  • Great for increasing your balance and strength
  • Anti-skid surface on the bottom to prevent slipping on smooth floors
  • Made of molded plastic so it`s lighter than wood
  • Includes illustrated guide (over 37 exercises)

Even advanced users will benefit from using it but if you are not fully confident with your balance skills, I would highly recommend to start with this board. 😉

Learn more or buy the Thera-Band Rocker Board here

Fitterfirst Rocker Board – an advanced solution

Fitterfirst rocker boardFitterfirst – a popular balance training devices producer also offers a Rocker Board. What`s different here?

It`s made of wood and uses a different base – instead of a firm fulcrum there are two adjustable "buttons" so you can set the level of difficulty as you like. This is a great advantage but of course – the price is higher.

You can read more or buy the Fitterfirst version here